Top 7 Best Cannabis Dispensaries in Maryland - Comp Care MD (2024)

Top 7 Best Cannabis Dispensaries in Maryland - Comp Care MD (1)

Posted on March 22nd, 2023to cannabis by Cannaplanners

When you obtain your medical marijuana card in Maryland, you are free to select which dispensary you prefer for securing the medicine you need. Thankfully, Maryland is now home to many excellent dispensaries despite the relative newness of the industry. To help you find the cannabis you need for your daily wellness plans, we’ve pulled together a list of the best dispensaries in Maryland.

7 of the Best Dispensaries in Maryland

The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission offers a list of approved dispensary locations on its website to guide patients. However, with dozens of dispensaries across the state, it can be difficult to discern which locations offer the best products and customer service. Below is a collection of the top options based on patient reviews, ease-of-shopping, and cannabis selections.

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1. Allegany Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Cumberland

  • Address: 100 Beall St, Cumberland MD 21502
  • Phone: 888-446-3420

One of the few dispensaries located in far Northwest Maryland, Allegany Medical Marijuana Dispensary has a robust selection of products and a reputation for excellent patient service. This dispensary prides itself on offering cannabis education, reasonable prices, and top cannabis flower and products in the state. Allegany also offers daily deals to customers and offers online ordering.

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2. Green Goods in Frederick

  • Address: 080 W. Patrick Street, Suite 13, Frederick, MD 21703
  • Phone: (240) 772-9520

Located in Frederick, Green Goods offers an impressive collection of medical cannabis products, but also offers in-house consultations with an on-site pharmacist. Green Goods is known for stocking everything from concentrates and edibles to vapes and capsules. Additionally, patients have access to personalized service if they need help finding what they need.

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3. Star Buds in Baltimore

  • Address: 5975 Belair Rd, Baltimore, MD 21206
  • Phone: (443)438-7494

Known as one of the best dispensaries in Maryland, Star Buds was one of the first medical establishments to open in the state. Star Buds offers a massive selection of popular concentrates, edibles, and signature strains. Further, the sizable location is known for inviting customers in to learn about cannabis from the highly educated staff and take their time browsing.

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4. RISE Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Bethesda

  • Address: 10401 Old Georgetown Rd #210, Bethesda, MD 20814
  • Phone: (301) 571-0420

RISE actually offers multiple dispensaries throughout Maryland. However, their Bethesda location is one of the largest. RISE offers a number of attractive options to patients, including home delivery to select locations, easy online ordering, and free consultations to help patients find the products they need. The dispensary has a carefully curated menu that includes all types of cannabis products, including flower and pre-rolls, drinks, and CBD.

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5. Peninsula Alternative Health in Salisbury

  • Address: 1003 Mt Hermon Rd, Salisbury, MD 21804
  • Phone: (410) 622-3661

Located in the Eastern Shore area of Maryland, Peninsula Alternative Health (PAH) in Salisbury has been a popular destination for local cannabis patients since the dispensary opened in 2017. PAH is recognized for offering one of the most diverse selections of cannabis and cannabis products. Additionally, PAH is highly regarded for taking the time to educate new-coming patients about different types of cannabis and products.

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6. Sunburst Pharm in Cambridge

  • Address: 603 Meteor Ave, Cambridge, MD 21613
  • Phone: (443) 972-5501

Sunburst Pharm in Cambridge serves local patients with everything from free consultations to self-help technology in-store to allow patients to get to know cannabis as medicine. This medical dispensary prides itself on cannabis education but also strives to make sure shopping for cannabis is a simple process. Sunburst Pharm offers daily deals to help patients save money on what they need, and has special savings opportunities for seniors and veterans.

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7. Greenwave Dispensary Maryland in Solomons

  • Address: 70 Holiday Dr, Solomons, MD 20688
  • Phone: (410) 394-3936

Greenwave Dispensary initially started out in Michigan, but officially made its way to Maryland in 2017. Today, Greenwave has been recognized as one of the best dispensaries in Maryland by Leafly and serves numerous patients throughout the central area of the state. This medical cannabis dispensary focuses on providing stringently tested and analyzed cannabis products and one of the most complete collections of therapeutic products.

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Top 7 Best Cannabis Dispensaries in Maryland - Comp Care MD (2024)


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