Groundhog Cutting Practice Worksheets For Kids [Free Printable] (2024)

Winter is here, and that means many cozy days spent at home with the kids.

Although staying in can be enjoyable, kids can quickly become bored without scheduled activities to break up the day!

To help keep the kids entertained while learning something new, give them these groundhog cutting practice worksheets!

They’re perfect for sharpening those scissor skills, and they will have so much fun as they practice the different cutting techniques with their newly acquired skills!

And if the cutting practice worksheets just aren’t enough groundhog for them, check out our Groundhog’s Day activities that are loaded with more simple and fun ideas to celebrate the wintry holiday indoors!

Groundhog Cutting Practice Worksheets For Kids [Free Printable] (1)

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Paper Cutting Groundhog Worksheets

Groundhog Cutting Practice Worksheets For Kids [Free Printable] (2)

These activities, designed with preschool and kindergarteners in mind, are an interactive and educational way to give kids the chance to improve their cutting techniques.

Inside this free bundle, we’ve included the following:

  • groundhog counting page
  • groundhog cutting line pages (2)
  • groundhog finish the picture page

Kids will enjoy the range of different outlines, including the groundhog, shapes, and numbers. And since each activity is broken down into easy steps, it’ll be easier for the little ones to understand what they need to do with the scissors.

With just a few snips here and there, children can soon become confident in no time!

Groundhog Cutting Practice Worksheets For Kids [Free Printable] (3)

Winter Ideas For Kids

Need more ideas to keep the kids having fun during winter?

Don’t worry – we have some brilliant ideas that your kids will love in order to keep them learning and having fun!

We have found some of the best ideas to keep kids learning this winter, from reading books to making crafts.

Winter Books For Kids

Reading out loud to your kids is so beneficial in more ways than one. To start with, they become familiar with various types of literature and language. It’s a special time to giggle along with characters or ponder the moral lessons woven into the stories together.

And most importantly, it provides precious memories that last a lifetime! Encourage your little ones to read by bringing books alive with a funny, enthusiastic voice and you won’t regret it!

Below are some of our favorite Groundhog’s Day books for kids.

The Night Before Groundhog Day – Help kids understand what Groundhog’s Day is all about with this fun, rhyming book!

Grumpy Groundhog – This is a humorous book about a groundhog who just doesn’t want to wake up for everyone to see on Groundhog’s Day. What will happen? Will he make it to the surface for everyone to see???

Groundhog Gets A Say – This funny book looks at all the other things groundhogs can do outside of Groundhog’s Day!

Groundhog Cutting Practice Worksheets For Kids [Free Printable] (10)

Winter Crafts For Kids

Crafting is an excellent activity to keep kids occupied that comes with plenty of added benefits! Not only do craft projects keep young minds engaged and working, but they also use creativity and help build fine motor skills.

Crafting is not only enjoyable but can last long after the finished project – pride in a job well done and improved confidence are just two lasting effects of crafting with kids.

Break out the glue, paintbrushes, and paper! Keep reading for some of our favorite winter crafts for kids.

Groundhog Paper Plate Craft – This Groundhog Day, make a fun craft with the kids that’ll get them in on all the festivities! They’ll love getting creative with this groundhog craft – it’s such an easy way to get their imaginations going! Don’t forget to snap a cute picture of them with their masterpiece!

Tacky The Penguin Craft – Tacky the Penguin is a one-of-a-kind book that teaches us all to be proud of our unique selves! Channel some Tacky-inspired confidence with this fun craft project! With our downloadable template, you’re guaranteed to have a penguin that stands out from the crowd! It’s an easy way for kids to learn about the beauty of their own strengths.

Groundhog Cutting Practice Worksheets For Kids [Free Printable] (11)

Groundhog Headband Craft – If the kids are looking for a fun and simple project to do this Groundhog’s Day, then look no further! With our printable template, the kids can make this cute groundhog headband together in no time. All you’ll need to do is gather some simple craft supplies.

Polar Bear Name Craft – Kids are going to love this one – and it’s the perfect way for them to practice spelling their names too! With this cute polar bear craft, they can make a chilly winter wonderland on a glacier made up of the letters of their name. Let your child add their own individual touch to the craft and watch as they develop an understanding of letter recognition.

Winter Activities For Kids

Groundhog’s Day is the perfect opportunity to get educational and have some fun with your kids! Kids can do more than just watch a groundhog come out of a burrow: they can learn all about Groundhog’s Day with these groundhog day worksheets.

Get your kids through the winter blues with these super cute and fun penguin dot to dots printables! Not only is this activity a great way to help them pass the time, but it’s also a fantastic educational opportunity for your little ones. They’ll have so much fun connecting the dots that they won’t even realize they’re honing important skills like hand-eye coordination while they work. It’s never been easier or more enjoyable to keep them entertained and happy this season.

Groundhog Cutting Practice Worksheets For Kids [Free Printable] (12)

With these delightful Groundhog Day color by number worksheets, your kids can express their creative side while learning a few things! They get to practice their number recognition and fine motor skills. It’s a great way for them not only to have fun but also to practice their artistic skills.

With our fun-filled snowman cutting activity pages, your kids won’t even realize they’re doing the important work of developing their scissor control. We all know that kids need to learn how to properly use scissors, and now with this activity, it doesn’t have to be boring! Our friendly snowman companion will be there, as the kiddos cut out all sorts of shapes and sizes. They’ll match missing halves of snowmen and count pieces along the way – what fun!

Groundhog Cutting Practice Worksheets For Kids [Free Printable] (13)

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More Winter Ideas For Kids

Groundhog Scissor Practice Worksheets

Groundhog Cutting Practice Worksheets For Kids [Free Printable] (2024)


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