All about me preschool art ideas (2024)

All about me preschool art ideas (1)

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We’ve been havingloads of fun doingall about me preschool activities this month. I put together a collection of art ideas to fit the theme!

All about me preschool art ideas (2)

Many preschool teachersbegin theyear with All About Metheme. Even though my little guy is having preschool at home, I thought it would be a great way to kick off the year. While his older siblings have begun a new school year in kindergarten, first, and third grade, we’ve been busy at the kitchen table!

Here are some great art projects perfect for an All About Me theme.

All about me preschool art ideas (3)

Felt faces – Toddler Approved – Have you ever tried creating pictures with felt? It’s a great medium because the pieces stick so nicely to each other, yet can easily be moved around. Visit Toddler Approved to see how they made faces out of felt pieces.

Play dough portraits– You’ll love looking at the variety of play dough faces they made at Sunhats and Wellieboots. Isn’t the pasta hair great? It’s amazing how many everyday objects work well with play dough.

All about me snack– Learn Play Imagine has a healthy snack idea perfect for an All About Metheme.

All about me preschool art ideas (4)

Body tracing art – I am always inspired when I visit The Artful Parent! You really need to visit thesite to see how they madebreathtaking full body portraits.

Sticky face at the easel – You only need an easel and some basic craft supplies to make a funny sticky face. Learn more at No Time for Flashcards.

All about me mirror tracing – If you have a large mirror at home, you can make funny full body portraits, like they did at And Next Comes L.

Paper bag sculptures – While you won’t find a tutorial at Rainbows Within Reach, you’ll see a variety of amazing paper bag sculptures. What a great display these projects make!

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Tissue paper portraits – After checking out the beautiful kindergarten portraits at Hudsonville Art Program, we paintedtissue paper scraps to paper using a mixture of glue and water. My Three drew a self-portrait with a Sharpie on a separate piece of paper. When the tissue paper was dry, we cut out the drawing and glued it to the colorful background. Don’t you love the effect?

Funny self portraits – After seeing the great work preschoolers did at Artful Artsy Amy, I knew we had to give this one a try. My kindergartner painted the background with yarn. On another day, I gave him the head cut-out to glue to his paper. He added all the details himself.

Watercolor self portraits – Inspired by The Sweeter Side of Mommyhood, I helped my Three make a self portrait. We studied his face in a mirror. Then he drew his face with a Sharpie and painted with water color. I’m just in love with this one!

Did you know?

I have a fantastic All About Me theme pack with activities that would go perfectly with these art activities!

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    My son’s preschool teacher has asked me to help her out next week with an activity on self expression and so I really like the idea of doing an all about me snack. I like the example that you have of the project with the face made from food and so I might want to model that idea for the activity. However, I will probably use ingredients that actually go together, because I don’t think that bananas and tortillas do. Perhaps we will make tostadas and they can decorate them with taco ingredients to create their faces.

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All about me preschool art ideas (2024)


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