14 Best Hindi Courses Online for 2024 - Learn Languages From Home (2024)

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Have you ever dreamed of seeing the historic Taj Mahal, sunbathing on the stunning beaches of Goa, experiencing the crystal-clear waters of the Nicobar Islands, or meandering through the vibrant meadows of Uttarakhand? Perhaps you’re intrigued by India’s rich culture. Maybe you have Indian friends and colleagues and you want to connect with them on a deeper level. Or maybe you simply want to watch Bollywood films in its original language!

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With over 600 million speakers across India, Nepal, Mauritius, the US, the UK, and more, Hindi is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Whatever your reason for wanting to learn this captivating language, you’re not alone and you won’t have a hard time finding resources to get started. But with so many Hindi courses online, choosing the right one can feel overwhelming.

Fear not! In this article, we’ll explore options for every level, learning style, and budget, so you’ll undoubtedly find the perfect fit for your Hindi learning journey. Grab a cup of chai, settle in, and read on!

Why learn Hindi with online courses?

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Many people are now turning to online resources to learn languages. And why not? It’s the most convenient way to do so, especially as you can access these tools straight on your mobile phone.

Learning Hindi through online courses gives you the flexibility to learn anywhere. If you opt for self-paced courses, you can also learn on your own schedule.

Just like Hindi learning apps, Hindi online courses also usually feature interactive lessons and exercises to cater to diverse learning styles. Some may feature video or audio lessons, others include bite-sized games, and some focus on live classes. Whatever your preferred method is, there’s a Hindi online course that can match your goals.

Speaking of goals, online courses often target specific objectives such as improving conversational skills for travel, seeking fluency for business purposes, and more. While traditional in-person courses also do this, online courses are more cost-effective since you don’t have to spend transportation fees and you can get free trials before you commit. Many online courses also come with tiered subscription plans.

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What about real-life connections, you ask? Just like face-to-face classes, online courses that offer private coaching, small group classes, or built-in chat features help you connect with native speakers and fellow Hindi learners. This allows you to not just practice your Hindi skills but also gain valuable cultural insights.

Have I finally convinced you to study Hindi lessons online? Now, on to your options!

Best interactive Hindi courses online

1. Rocket Languages

Learn Hindi on Rocket Languages

One of the best courses for learning Hindi, Rocket Languages manages to be engaging while also touching on all the essentials. I would go so far as to say that it’s one of the most well-structured Hindi courses online.

Rocket Hindi’s interactive approach focuses on building conversational skills. You get audio lessons and speaking exercises on self-introduction, greetings, ordering food, traveling on business, numbers — standard stuff in most courses. But you also have dedicated writing modules, grammar lessons, and tons of cultural info!

Rocket Languages prizes the ability to carry conversations in real-world scenarios and it’s evident in the Hindi curriculum. Albeit available in only one level, the program is a great option for those who want a holistic foundation in this language.

This course is best for:

  • New learners looking for a systematic way to study Hindi
  • Intermediate learners who need a solid refresher
  • Elevating your confidence in speaking Hindi

Pricing: $27/month on the 6-month plan or $149.95 one-time payment. Check out Rocket Hindi discounts here.

2. Mondly

Learn Hindi on Mondly

If you’re looking for a simple but fun way to learn Hindi, Mondly might be the platform for you.

Mondly focuses on teaching you essential vocabulary that you’ll definitely find useful when talking to native speakers. The app is also one of the most immersive in the market — it has a chatbot that lets you hone your conversational skills. What’s great is that the conversations mimic real-life scenarios.

Mondly’s Hindi course covers practical words and phrases across a variety of topics such as travel, romance, sports, shopping, business, family, and more. That said, it’s not the best resource for intermediate and advanced learners, especially when it comes to learning Hindi grammar and the Devanagari script.

Read our comprehensive review of Mondly here.

This course is best for:

  • Beginners who are looking for short, gamified Hindi lessons online
  • Developing vocabulary and learning Hindi pronunciation
  • Learning basic but essential Hindi phrases

Pricing: Daily lessons are free. Unlock full access for $9.99/month or check out Mondly’s latest sale here.

3. Ling

Learn Hindi on Ling

Looking for more gamified options? Try Ling, an app that takes a playful approach to learning Hindi.

With Ling’s gamified course, you’ll learn Hindi through quick lessons on vocabulary and basic grammar, featuring interactive flashcards, engaging quizzes, and fun games. For the competitive ones, the app keeps you motivated with points, badges, and leaderboards.

Ling also does a great job of teaching pronunciation through its voice recognition technology. You get to practice speaking and receive feedback right away. Plus, you can practice your conversational skills with its chatbot. And finally, Ling teaches Devanagari with its finger-tracing exercises! I don’t know about you but that sounds comprehensive and fun.

This course is best for:

  • Building a good foundation on the Devanagari script
  • Acquiring useful Hindi vocabulary and basic grammar
  • Boosting your spoken Hindi skills

Pricing: Starts at $14.99/month. But you can try Ling for free now!

Best Hindi courses online for improving conversational skills

4. Pimsleur

Try Pimsleur Hindi for FREE!

Looking to be conversational in Hindi and want a program that emphasizes speaking from day one? Enter Pimsleur, a tried-and-tested and science-backed tool for language learning.

Each Pimsleur lesson requires only 30 minutes a day. Since the Hindi course has a total of 60 lessons, you only need about 30 hours to finish the whole thing. These lessons are in audio format so you simply need to listen and repeat after the native speaker. It’s important to keep repeating the phrases to get used to speaking Hindi and develop your confidence.

Pimsleur uses a spaced repetition technique to determine which words or phrases need to be reviewed at particular times, ensuring that you’re storing the vocab in your long-term memory. The Premium app also has some reading lessons, flashcards, and interactive exercises. You’ll be learning grammar only from context and there are no in-depth writing exercises, but you’ll definitely strengthen your spoken Hindi.

Check out this detailed review of Pimsleur.

This course is best for:

  • Improving your listening and speaking skills
  • Remembering practical Hindi vocabulary
  • Learning authentic Hindi pronunciation from a native speaker

Pricing: $14.95 per month to start. Try Pimsleur free for 7 days!

5. Italki

Find Hindi tutors on italki

All of the options so far have been for self-studying Hindi. They’re all good, but if you prefer having a teacher, I recommend italki.

This platform offers a personalized approach to learning Hindi that caters to your specific needs and goals. Unlike a set curriculum, italki connects you with experienced Hindi tutors (over 180 of them, as of writing) who can tailor lessons to your current skill level, interests, and preferred learning pace. Whether you’re a beginner just grasping the basics or an intermediate learner who wants to be more conversational, you’ll find a good match on italki.

Even better, italki gives you flexibility both in terms of scheduling lessons and setting your budget. You can schedule lessons at your convenience and filter tutors to see which ones meet both your learning goals and budget.

Find out more with this review of italki.

This course is best for:

  • Receiving immediate feedback from a native-speaking Hindi tutor
  • Personalized courses that fit your schedule and budget
  • Getting conversation practice with a native speaker

Pricing: As low as $5/session. Book a trial lesson here.

6. Preply

Hire Hindi tutors on Preply

With over 270 Hindi tutors on its roster, Preply is a great platform for finding the perfect teacher to match your learning style and goals. Simply use the filters to narrow your search and choose a tutor based on rates, experience, specialty (e.g., conversational Hindi, Hindi for beginners, etc.), reviews, and schedule.

The biggest draw of Preply is the flexibility and convenience it offers. Whatever your skill level is, you can find a tutor that can address specific gaps in your skills. While many tutors have a set “lesson plan”, you can also request personalized lessons. And you can take lessons that fit your schedule and budget!

This course is best for:

  • Lessons that meet your specific goals
  • Highly-rated tutors who speak three languages on average
  • Flexible subscription plans

Pricing: $10/hour on average. Get 50% off on your trial lesson here.

7. Glossika

Learn Hindi on Glossika

One of the most unique courses to learn Hindi, Glossika focuses on full sentences instead of individual words and phrases. This contextual approach, coupled with spaced repetition, results in natural language acquisition.

Glossika’s Hindi course immerses you in audio recordings of a native speaker saying full sentences. They’re not the typical greeting or vocabulary for travelers, but more of the stuff you’d hear in everyday scenarios. As you actively shadow these sentences and repeat them aloud, you eventually internalize sentence structure and absorb grammar intuitively.

Glossika sadly doesn’t have speech recognition technology so it won’t give feedback even after you record your voice. It also doesn’t teach the Devanagari script. But you learn pronunciation and build a robust vocabulary from the mass-sentence approach, not to mention the confidence to speak.

This course is best for:

  • Boosting your listening skills and comprehension
  • Acquiring tons of Hindi vocabulary
  • Familiarizing yourself with native Hindi accents

Pricing: A Glossika subscription starts from $16.99/month. But you can try it for free first! If you’d like to support Learn Languages From Home, make sure to complete your purchase through the Glossika website (not the mobile app). You can sign up and use whatever platform you want, but if you make the purchase using the website, I make a small commission. Thanks!

8. Bhasha.io

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Learn Hindi on Bhasha.io

Another compelling option for those looking to improve spoken fluency is Bhasha.io, an online language school for learners of Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Bengali, and more.

Bhasha.io stands out for its emphasis on improving spoken Hindi through one-on-one classes with certified Hindi coaches. These coaches aren’t just instructors, they’re conversation guides who tailor lessons to your specific goals, be it navigating travel situations, ordering food, or conducting business meetings in Hindi.

Aside from spoken Hindi courses, Bhasha.io also has Hindi reading and writing classes for those who aim to take tests like the UPSC and learners who want to dive deeper into Hindi literature.

This course is best for:

  • Improving your spoken Hindi
  • Personalized instruction from a native-speaking tutor
  • Acquiring practical skills in Hindi

Pricing: Varies per course level

9. HelloTalk

14 Best Hindi Courses Online for 2024 - Learn Languages From Home (12)

Find your Hindi language exchange partner on HelloTalk

Not all Hindi courses online have to be rigid, structured lessons. They can be in the form of informal, low-pressure language exchange environments too!

For something unconventional, why not try HelloTalk? This language exchange app connects you with native Hindi speakers who are eager to practice their English or other languages. You can chat with them about your day, shared interests, or anything that sparks a conversation.

Although it lacks structured lessons on grammar or writing, this immersive environment allows you to pick up natural Hindi sentence structures and vocabulary in a fun, social way. Plus, many HelloTalk users are happy to correct your grammar and pronunciation, giving you valuable feedback to improve your fluency. The catch is that you should be willing to do the same for them.

This course is best for:

  • Real-life conversation practice with native speakers
  • Receiving instant feedback
  • Supplementing textbooks, other courses, or apps you might be already using

Pricing: Starts from $12.99/month

Best Hindi courses online for improving vocabulary and grammar

10. Mango Languages

14 Best Hindi Courses Online for 2024 - Learn Languages From Home (13)

Learn Hindi on Mango Languages

Mango Languages can be a helpful tool to jumpstart your Hindi learning, especially if you prefer a structured and convenient approach.

The Hindi lessons on Mango Languages focus on real-world conversations and incorporate audio recorded by native speakers. This allows you to not just learn new vocabulary but also develop proper pronunciation and get a feel for the natural flow of spoken Hindi.

What’s more, Mango Languages emphasizes grammar through its color-coded Grammar Notes, which point out specific grammatical nuances. Cultural Notes are also present, with insights into customs and etiquette that can be valuable when interacting with Hindi speakers.

The only drawback is that Mango Languages only offers one unit for Hindi, which might be limiting for learners aiming for deeper proficiency. Pair this with textbooks or other online resources for a more holistic learning path.

This course is best for:

  • Conversation-based lessons that touch on vocabulary and grammar
  • Cultural insights that provide context for learning
  • Native speaker audio and voice comparison tool

Pricing: $7.99/month for a single language or $17.99/month for all 70+ languages

11. HindiPod101

14 Best Hindi Courses Online for 2024 - Learn Languages From Home (14)

Try HindiPod101

Whether you’re just getting into Hindi or looking to brush up on your skills, HindiPod101 can meet your goals. This multimedia resource caters to learners of all levels and needs, making it one of the most versatile platforms for Hindi learners.

First off, HindiPod101 has bite-sized audio and video lessons that you can easily fit into your busy schedule. Each lesson focuses on a specific topic or grammar point, ensuring you build a strong foundation in the language.

But that’s not all. HindiPod101 also has extensive vocab lists, spaced repetition flashcards, a grammar bank, a searchable dictionary, and even free resources on its website and YouTube channel. With its Premium PLUS subscription, you also get private coaching from a Hindi tutor.

This course is best for:

  • Audio and video lessons that highlight vocabulary and grammar
  • Acquiring cultural insights and real-life context
  • Learning native pronunciation and accents

Pricing: Basic access at $4/month while Premium starts from $10/month.

Best video courses for learning Hindi

12. Cudoo

Learn Hindi on Cudoo

Cudoo’s short video lessons are perfect for learning Hindi from scratch. Available in three levels, Cudoo’s Hindi courses are designed to improve your conversational skills, making them a good option if your goal is to speak Hindi in everyday situations.

Cudoo covers a variety of topics such as greetings, numbers, colors, talking about family, emergencies, and more. There’s also a Business Hindi and Hospitality course for those who want to confidently interact with your Indian clients, colleagues, or business partners.

The program promises lifetime access, so you can learn at your own pace and revisit materials as needed. Plus, each level comes with a certificate of completion.

This course is best for:

  • Bite-sized lessons that target essential vocabulary
  • Non-intimidating introduction to spoken Hindi
  • Lessons with lifetime access and certificates

Pricing: $12.99 per course or $24.99 for the bundle. Start learning Hindi on Cudoo now.

13. Skillshare

Learn Hindi on Skillshare

Skillshare can be a good starting point for your exploration of Hindi or as a solid resource if you’re targeting a particular skill. For instance, you can take courses targeting conversational Hindi, Hindi grammar, or the Hindi alphabet.

Here, you’ll find courses that range from one to four hours long, with bite-sized and easy-to-digest lessons. These lessons equip you with helpful phrases to navigate everyday situations.

WithnSkillshare, you can explore classes by native speakers or experienced educators, allowing you to find a teaching style that resonates with you. However, keep in mind that Skillshare’s courses are typically on the shorter side. While they’re great for initial exposure, you might need to supplement your learning with other resources.

This course is best for:

  • Bite-sized learning
  • Targeting specific goals
  • Subscription lets you enjoy learning other skills as well

Pricing: Plan pricing varies per region. Get a big discount bysigning up here, orenjoy a month-long free trial here.

14. Udemy

14 Best Hindi Courses Online for 2024 - Learn Languages From Home (17)

Learn Hindi on Udemy

Finally, find an assortment of Hindi courses catering to all levels on Udemy.

Beginners can find courses that introduce the Devanagari script, build foundational grammar, and establish practical vocabulary for everyday situations. These courses often utilize flashcards, quizzes, and practice exercises to solidify your learning.

For more advanced learners, Udemy boasts comprehensive programs that delve deeper into Hindi grammar, introduce nuanced vocabulary, and even cover topics like business Hindi or preparing for proficiency exams.

The sheer variety allows you to tailor your learning experience to your specific goals. That said, note that quality can be uneven and may depend on the instructor. It’s best to check student reviews, compare curriculums, and assess instructor credentials before enrolling to ensure the course aligns with your learning style and delivers the content you seek.

This course is best for:

  • Comprehensive learning through in-depth video courses
  • Programs that cater to different needs
  • Expert and well-rated instructors

Pricing: Varies per course


14 Best Hindi Courses Online for 2024 - Learn Languages From Home (18)

The online world offers a wealth of resources for learning Hindi, from bite-sized introductions to comprehensive courses. As you can see above, you won’t run out of options.

But remember, choosing the right platform depends on your goals and learning style. So, take some time to identify your needs and explore what each platform offers. Find the appropriate Hindi course online and you’ll soon master this beautiful language!

14 Best Hindi Courses Online for 2024 - Learn Languages From Home (2024)


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